Now Available – Duke Rawlings. Former Army Ranger Duke Rawlings who returns home from war finds it difficult to cope with life. This emotional tale explores the toll of secrecy and trauma as Duke fights to protect his wife Sara and their young children from himself. Duke undergoes a profound journey of healing and redemption.
Will Duke defeat his inner demons and emerge from darkness to reclaim light, purpose and his family? Duke Rawlings is a gripping yet uplifting Contemporary Christian fiction novel exploring themes of sacrifice, faith and the resilience of the human spirit.

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Palace of Versailles/The Grand Canal, France

Hello, and thanks for visiting. As a new author, your support means the world to me. My 1st book was first published in mid June 2023 and many have reported back to me with wonderful comments about the book but no one has yet posted a review. I hope those that have read the book can post, even something simple and honest. 

Robert Cavazos

Entrepreneur and Writer.

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First review posted on Reedsy for Duke Rawling, new author and book.

Worth reading
Lucy Johnson (Novelist)


5 Star!


I recommend “Missing Reflections: A Novel of Hope” by Robert Cavazos to Christians and anyone in need of a little hope in the darkness. --Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views.

When Secrets Fall
A Novel of Hope
Reflection Series

2/28/24. Currently finished the third draft and timing loose ends. I would like a few readers to help read through the final draft to complete to the book before going to the editor. Go over the ARC List page and sign up. 

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